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Alternative to Divorce

What Is Alternative to Divorce?

A divorce mediation service is an alternative method for getting a divorce amicably. If you and your spouse want to get a divorce, the two of you can work with a divorce mediator to resolve your differences and reach a resolution. During the divorce mediation process, your divorce mediator will remain neutral, helping you work toward your own resolution.


couple meeting with divorce mediator seeking divorce helpHow Can an Alternative to Divorce Help You?

The role of a divorce mediator is to help you and your spouse reach an amicable divorce settlement without having to set foot in a classroom. The divorce mediator provides a safe and comfortable environment for the two of you to communicate your needs and concerns. It?s not the divorce mediator?s job to impose any judgment or suggest solutions?only to support you and your spouse as you work toward an agreement.

eric piety divorce mediatorThe Benefits of using an Alternative to Divorce

Divorce mediation is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of conflict resolution. Divorce mediation is less formal, less time consuming, less costly, and often less stressful than a divorce through litigation. During the entire divorce mediation process, you and your spouse retain control over the whole situation and the final outcome. Additionally, your divorce mediator can help you reach an agreement that you both can live with so you can get back to living your life.