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Mediator Meeting with a Couple

6 Benefits of Hiring a Mediator

Benefits of Using a Divorce Mediator

When people think of divorce, the first image that comes to mind is an extensive process that takes many months or years to completely settle. But it doesn?t need to be this way. Mediation is a solution that keeps your divorce out of court and helps you find the right decision that will suit both parties. There are many benefits to choosing mediation over traditional litigation to resolve your divorce.

1. It Tends to Go Faster

Often litigation divorces need to go through the intensive process of deposition and then court. They often take weeks if not longer. A divorce through a mediator will tend to go faster. Generally, it takes from 4 to 12 hours to create a final agreement with a mediator depending on the issues involved.

2. It is More Private

Many private issues are involved when it comes to divorce. When you are going through a litigation divorce, these issues are then shared with the divorce lawyers, judges, and any other court staff. When a mediator is facilitating the divorce, it is only you, your ex, and the mediator listening to everything.

3. It Results in a Better Relationship with Your Ex-Spouse

Usually, ex-spouses will still need to associate with each other, especially when there are children involved. All of the arguments in litigation divorce can further harm your relationship with your ex. A mediator can help your relationship remain somewhat congenial even after you part ways. Of course, a mediator is not there to ?fix? your relationship, but they can prevent it from getting worse.

4. It Is Easier for the Children

It can be difficult for children when their parents are going through a divorce, and it makes it even harder when they see their parents fighting through litigation. When their parents come to an easier, more private resolution through mediation, this process can comfort children during this time.

5. You Have Control Over Your Divorce

When you are in the middle of a litigation divorce, your judge is the person who is making all of the final decisions, not you. With mediation, you and your ex are able to make the decisions that work for both of you. You are the person that is in control over all the agreements in the divorce.

6. It Is Less Expensive

Since it tends to be faster than litigation, you will save more on lawyer costs and court costs. Also, you and your ex will be paying for one person instead of a lawyer each. Of course, you should always consult with an attorney to be certain you understand your rights, or you have any questions or concerns about issues that are not clear to you, or you need guidance to make a decision.

Choosing a Mediator Over Litigation

When you and your spouse want an easier dissolution of your marriage, it’s important that you choose the solution that works for the both of you. Mediation is actually the best solution for most couples, even couples with in serious and painful situations. There are many advantages to choosing mediation rather than litigation. Having a consultation with a mediator may help you discover if mediation is the right option for you and your ex-spouse.

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