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6 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Mediator

How to Determine Whether a Divorce Mediator is Right for You

Before you decide to hire a mediator to help resolve your divorce disputes, you?ll want to schedule a consultation or initial meeting. During a standard consultation, you can expect to learn about the mediation process and the legal requirements for getting a divorce.

In addition to this necessary information, you can use this time to find out more about your mediator and their experience with divorce mediation. Because the divorce process has the potential to be destructive, you need a mediator who will help you limit the amount of destruction. Here are some of the most important questions to ask to help you decide.

1. Why did you become a divorce mediator?

A mediator?s answer to this can reveal whether they?re passionate about their job?which can give you an idea of how much effort they?ll be willing to put into your divorce mediation.

2. How much experience do you have as a mediator?

With your future at stake, you want to work with a mediator with experience settling divorces through mediation. While their years in practice are important, a proven track record of success can help make your decision much easier.

3. What are your credentials and professional certifications?

Because a divorce is a potentially-complicated legal issue, you don?t want to waste your time with an inexperienced or unqualified divorce mediator. Any qualified mediator should have no problem providing you with a list of their credentials and certifications.

4. How much will a divorce mediation cost?

Before you commit to a divorce mediation, you should get informed of the costs up front?including the costs for any legal document preparation or filing costs. Ask your mediator exactly what their costs are and what they include so you aren?t caught off guard later in the process. ?

5. How do you feel about including attorneys or consultants in the process?

Some circumstances during a divorce mediation may warrant an opinion by outside experts/consultants. If you and your spouse are dividing up large assets, own a business together, or have children struggling with your separation?just to name a few examples?you may want or need specialized assistance. South Bay Mediation has experts ready to help when needed. Additionally, South Bay Mediation strongly encourages you and your spouse to have your settlement reviewed by your own independent legal counsel at the end of a divorce mediation. ?

About Eric Piety, MA: Divorce Mediator

Having been through a divorce, Eric understands how painful and damaging a divorce battle can be. Drawing from that experience and with more than 20 years of work as a behavioral therapist, he brings a unique passion and perspective to divorce mediation. Learn more about his background and experience as a divorce mediator below.