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6 Reasons To Use A Mediator

Forget Litigators, Use Mediators

When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you might automatically start looking for lawyers to help you with the case. However, there?s an easier way to resolve the conflict that could be to your advantage. Mediators are professional conflict-resolution specialists. They act as neutral third parties that are independent and can help you find areas of agreement and compromise so everyone is satisfied in the end. Mediation is voluntary and both parties have to agree. Here are some of the many advantages you would gain by using mediators for your divorce.

Speed Of The Process

Once you decide a divorce is really what you want, you will likely want to move forward with the process and get it over with. Mediation can take days or a few weeks, but in court proceedings can take months or even years. If you want to get on with your life, mediation allows for a reasonable timetable to resolve matters and move things along.

Less Cost To The Proceedings

Mediation is considerably less expensive than taking things to court. Employing a mediator costs less than hiring two lawyers. You get a faster turnaround and you will?pay less money for a shorter time frame.

Less Formal, More Comfortable

The informality you will feel with mediators will allow you to engage more than you would in something as formal and stuffy as a courtroom. There are so many rules and procedures in court that you will feel even more separated from your former spouse than you already do. Mediators, on the other hand, deal directly with both parties involved and rely on the needs and interests of each person.

Confidentiality Is Key

Court cases are often public, but mediators keep things confidential. No matter what you say in the room, it cannot be revealed later. There aren?t records or transcripts available later.

Preserve The Relationship

You don?t want your relationship with your soon to be ex to get any worse than it is and mediators can help with that. If there are children involved, this is even more important. There isn?t one winner and one loser in the mediation process, but rather a joint agreement and compromise.

Greater Control And Flexibility

When you go to court, the judge decides who gets what and that?s that. You either get what you want or you don?t. There?s no middle ground. With mediators, you have the flexibility to negotiate and have a better amount of control over how things turn out.

Utilize South Bay Mediation

A qualified and experienced mediator can lay the groundwork for a collaborative effort between you and your former spouse. You can solve problems together and reach an agreement you can both live with. Preserving what?s important to you while you save money and getting the process over with quickly are all keys to mediation. Contact the mediators at South Bay Mediation with questions about the process or to set up an appointment and get started with the proceeding sooner rather than later.