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7 Divorce Mediation Strategies

7 Divorce Mediation Strategies

Divorce Mediation Can Lead To Success

When you enter into divorce mediation, you might be optimistic about the outcome. Then again, maybe not. You may never have been through mediation before and you don?t really know what to expect. The good news is that the mediator you are working with is a professional who knows what they are doing in the field. Here are 7 strategies for divorce mediation you can use from a trained professional that will lead you towards a positive experience and outcome.

Divorce Mediation Strategy 1: Preparation Is Key

You need to bring all of the information you need with you to the divorce mediation in order to persuade the other side. Having command over the facts and the law will help you demonstrate you are in a position of strength when it comes to negotiating. You won?t want to come across as unbending or too pushy, but the mediator will appreciate the information you can provide.

Strategy 2: Remain Open

Mediation is an opportunity to exchange information with your soon to be ex without involving too many emotions or feelings. It won?t be a battle. Rather, you will both get to express yourself in detail so no one is in the dark about what the other side wants and needs. Remain open and listen carefully so you can make wise decisions about the process.

Strategy 3: Bring Your Patience

While mediation doesn?t always have to take long, it can be a process that requires many hours. It can be tempting to get angry or give up and head to the courts instead. But keep in mind that doing so is a good way to give up on what you want. You never know what side the courts will land on. If you patiently work things out with a mediator, both sides can come to a conclusion they can live with.

Strategy 4: Just Do It

Mediators aren?t miracles workers. But they know that two parties are never too far apart to at least attempt to settle. There may not feel like any one right time for divorce mediation because there really isn?t. Instead of putting it off, it?s best to enter discussions sooner rather than later. Just get it over with and move on.

Strategy 5: Support Your Statements

When you go into divorce mediation, you may know what you want, but you should also have a compelling reason as to why you want it. Support your statements with solid reasons to get your spouse to see your side of things.

Strategy 6: Avoid Hot Buttons

When you were married, you may have known just how to upset your spouse by pushing certain buttons. The best way to a peaceful settlement is to avoid those hot topics and upsetting buttons. This process was meant to be cordial so you can avoid the fighting courts bring to the table.

Strategy 7: Get Into The Bargaining Zone

Keep in mind that with divorce mediation, you may not get everything you want. It is a good idea to go into the mediation with an attitude of bargaining. Be ready to give and take with your former spouse so you can both live with the outcome.