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Answering Spousal Objection To Divorce Mediation

Possible Objections To Divorce Mediation?And Answers

If you are going through a divorce, your spouse might assume that lawyers and the courtroom are a given. However, you have heard of divorce mediation and you think that?s a better route for you to take in order to figure things out in an amicable manner. When you approach your soon-to-be former spouse about that, they may have a number of objections or questions about the possibility. Here are some of the things you might face when you talk to your spouse about divorce mediation. And some ways you can answer those objections.

Isn?t Divorce Mediation Like Counseling?

You and your spouse could have gone through a lot at the end of your marriage. Perhaps you tried counseling and now, your spouse feels like mediation would just be like more counseling, which didn?t work in the first place. Many people confuse counseling with mediation, but they are not at all the same. Divorce mediation aims to have the couple reach an agreement on issues related to the divorce. It isn?t trying to fix the marriage or change anyone.

I Hired A Lawyer Already

When you as a couple know divorce is imminent, your spouse may hire a lawyer in order to get things in order. But even though they already have a lawyer, you can still go into mediation. Lawyers often require retainers, but you can request to have that back and discontinue their services. Or, the lawyer can be kept around in order to review the final agreement at the end of mediation. But having a lawyer doesn?t mean you have to battle in court.

I Don?t Want A Woman Mediator (Or Man)

Your spouse might feel like the mediator will side with you because of their gender. Mediators, however, are trained to be neutral at all times. There are mediators of all different backgrounds and assuming they will be biased due to any factor about them is an insult to their specialty. Suggest your spouse look into mediators they would agree upon and then meet with them to gauge who is the right person for the job.

It?s Too Stressful To Sit In A Room And Work Out An Agreement

While there are plenty of things that are hard about sitting in the same room with your ex, the courtroom and the litigation process is much more emotional and stressful. There?s nothing easy about divorce and divorce mediation will require some effort. But when you compare mediation to other options, it?s the easier route.

Consider Divorce Mediation

All you can do is present the idea to your spouse and help them see that the only other choice is a court battle. You don?t want to be combative and you want things to end on the best possible note. Divorce mediation?is the preferred method for any couple. Contact South Bay Mediation for options on divorce mediation. Whether you have already agreed to mediation or you just need more information, you can get what you need from us.