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Approaching Child Custody Mediation Correctly

Surviving Child Custody Mediation With A Clear Mind

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in your life and divorce is often something you don?t expect. If you are going through a divorce, it?s all that much harder with children involved. You don?t want your children to be traumatized by the event and you want their lives to be as normal as possible both now and into the future. There?s no getting around the fact that a divorce?is going to be stressful for any children involved. But you can reduce the stress they feel by coming to an amicable agreement with your ex through child custody mediation. Here are a few tips to help you enter the negotiation process with a level head.

Tip 1: Consider Your Spouse A Business Partner

It?s easy to look at your ex and see all of the things they did wrong during your marriage. There is likely quite a bit of hurt, anger, and other emotions flying around. But as you enter child custody mediation, it is wise to set all that aside and treat your spouse like a business partner. You are on the same side and you both have the same goal?your children?s happiness. Forget about what they did wrong or why and concentrate on working something out that suits both of you?and your kids.

Tip 2: Put The Children First

Kids often feel like they are put in the middle of a divorce and it?s impossible not to feel that way. But you can do your best to put them first by not allowing a nasty fight in court. Child custody mediation gives your children a chance to feel less like they are caught between two sides and more like they are still a part of a functioning family, even if things are going to be different from now.

Tip 3: Spend Time With The Kids

Each child in your family may process the divorce in a different manner and it?s important that you are there to listen to their concerns or feelings. They may put up a front around friends or even other family members, but when you are alone, you can get a good idea on how you can help them through the situation. It?s good to know where your kids stand so you know what helps them as you enter child custody mediation.

Tip 4: Make A Calendar And Share It

Once you and your ex agree upon a schedule, write up a calendar for your kids and share it with them so they know exactly what to expect and when. If anything changes down the road, like you switch weekends, mark it on their calendars so they are informed at all times. The divorce is yours but it?s them who has to deal with the aftermath of switching homes and primary parents.

Get Your Child Custody Mediation Questions Answered

There?s no one right way to manage a divorce, but if there are children involved, child custody mediation can often be a gentler answer to hard questions. Contact South Bay Mediation to get all of the details you need as you consider the option.