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Avoid Mistakes With Divorce Mediation

No Mistakes Are Necessary During Divorce Mediation

When you got married, you expected it to last forever. But?divorce happens and when you need to end your relationship, you don?t want to make any mistakes during the process. Things are hard enough and painful enough as it is. The last thing you need is a series of mistakes to make the divorce even harder. Here are a few divorce mistakes many couples make that can be avoided with divorce mediation.

Spending Way More Money Than Necessary

Divorce isn?t free and when you go through the process, you?ll find out it can actually be quite costly. One of the most expensive things you can do, however, is hire separate attorneys and duke it out in court. You have to pay for the two attorneys, of course, as well as a myriad of court fees. If you go with divorce mediation, you come out the other side of the divorce with much less money spent on the process.

Creating A Contentious Situation

Divorce is never going to be pleasant, but it can get really ugly when you are constantly fighting over assets, children and other items. Divorce mediation can help you avoid as much ugliness as possible. Instead of fighting in court with a ?he said, she said? attitude, you and your former spouse and a mediator sit down to work out your settlement together. Both parties have to be comfortable with the agreement before things are situated. It can be a much more amicable process.

Fighting For Too Much

When you divorce, you might feel like you want to hurt the other party involved the way they hurt you. That may come out by trying to take as much from them as possible, but that is a mistake. In the end, you can take them to court and try, but you may end up losing everything you wanted to take instead. Divorce mediation ensures that you both get something you can agree to. ?You compromise until you find a happy medium so you don?t have to risk losing what you really want or need for your future.

You Hold On To Control

Divorce can feel like one huge control battle between the two sides, but it?s a mistake to hold on to the control with both hands and never let go. If you try to control the process in court, you?ll fail. You get what you get as mandated by the court and that?s that. If you go through divorce mediation?instead, you can compromise on what you want and share the control. You will likely end up a lot happier with the situation after everything is final.

Contact South Bay Mediation For Divorce Mediation Options

If you want to spend less money and end up with a more amicable agreement in the end, South Bay Mediation can help you with the divorce mediation process. Our mediators will sit down with you and explain what needs to happen so you can judge whether or not divorce mediation is for you.