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Play Nice and Be Civil with Divorce Mediation 7-15

What Are The Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

In today?s world, and especially as a part of Western Culture, marriage and subsequent divorce is becoming more and more common. When this happens, multiple parties are impacted, not just the spouses who recognize that they need separation. Children typically experience the greatest impact from a divorce, which is why, as parents, you need to make sure you?re doing everything you can do mitigate the harm to them. This may seem like a harsh reality, but it?s why so many couples opt to undergo divorce mediation as part of the separation process.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Until it?s a reality in their life, most people don?t even realize what divorce mediation is, or what the benefits are. Fortunately, there are a number of experienced mediators with backgrounds in law and therapy that can guide couples through this difficult time. To better understand the positive impact of divorce mediation, it?s important to understand how they approach various aspects of divorce proceedings.

A Neutral Party Will Keep Perspective

One of the reasons why divorces can get so hostile is that both spouses believe (sometimes rightfully so) that they?re the victim. Divorces come about for a number of reasons, but when both parties mutually agree that it?s time for a change, there is bound to be some ego that creeps into the conversation about what is ?right? in terms of splitting assets, time with children, etc. Fortunately, when you hire a mediator, you?re bringing a variable into the equation that is not only neutral, but also keeps you and your spouse on point. Their ultimate goal is to help you get through the divorce in the most efficient and amicable way possible.

Make Sure Assets Are Split Appropriately

Another major aspect of any divorce is determining exactly how you and your spouse will divide assets. More often than not, it?s extremely difficult to draw a line down the middle and find a balance. What about in situations where there is only one property, or one car? There needs to be a number of compromises on both sides, and this includes determining who will take on things like debt or mortgage payments. Mediated divorce ensures that you keep moving forward in the process, and don?t get hung up on a few little things.

It Eases Stress On Your Whole Family

As mentioned earlier, children are usually going to experience the biggest shift in their life as the result of their parents? separation. Through divorce mediation, you?re able to keep any sort of conflict isolated, and minimize the amount of time the overall process takes. Not only that, but your children will have a better understanding of their family dynamic when things are laid out to them clearly and without bias from either of the parents. This also applies to any extended family. When there is less hostility throughout the divorce process, it becomes much easier to break the news to others and help them understand your reasoning for the split.

Now You Know How Divorce Mediation Can Benefit You and Your Family

While it may be an unfortunate truth of society, divorces do and will continue to happen. When they do, it?s important for couples to recognize the benefits of divorce mediation and how your entire family can be better served through that process.