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South Bay Divorce Mediation

5 Challenges to Divorce After 50

It’s never an easy time to separate, but for couples over 50 who’ve been together decades, gray divorce exposes them to a whole new world. Let’s look at a few of the reasons for this unusual phenomenon, then focus on some of the unique challenges that gray divorce presents.

My Ex Moved Away…Now What?

It’s extremely common for one partner to move away, sometimes far away. Maybe housing is too expensive. Maybe they take a new job. Maybe they just want a fresh start. However, where they settle, when they move, and why they move, each has a material impact on a divorce decree or separation agreement, especially if children are involved. Let’s look at a few different considerations to see how distance, time, and intent all affect separations and resolutions.

How Much Will Divorce Cost Me?

it’s clear that divorce can be costly—and often at the worst possible time. Let’s look at ways to keep your costs down, while still reaching the resolution you desire.
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