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Characteristics of an Improved Divorce Mediation

5 Characteristics that Will Improve your Divorce Mediation Experience

Divorce is always difficult, but it tends to go smoother when a mediator is facilitating the divorce There are certain traits that are involved in having a successful divorce mediation. In order to find the best agreement for both parties in the most efficient means possible, it will help that the mediation has the following characteristics.

1. Desire to Stay Out of Court

The only real requirement for mediation to be successful, is a persistent desire by both spouses to keep control of all decision making and remain out of court! While that minimum requirement can eventually get the job done, there are certainly other characteristics that will make meditation much smoother and efficient, saving time, money and stress for all involved.

2. Proper Preparation

Before the actual mediation, it is important that both parties come to the mediation well prepared. Both parties need to prepare all of the information that the need for the mediation and they need to create some ground rules to go by once the mediation has begun. For example, it is a good idea to set the rule that while one party is talking, the other cannot interrupt or talk over them. This can help reduce any disagreements that may arise and will help to accelerate the final agreement.

3. Plan for Some ?Give and Take?

In mediation, you cannot expect to take your ex-spouse ?for all their worth?. There is going to need to be some compromise. In order to reach an agreement, don?t expect that this is going to be like ?couple?s counseling?. A mediator isn?t there to help you resolve your issues or to help you get back together. We are here to help you find an agreement. Of course, unlike court, all choices will be yours and not the court?s. This control over your divorce is the main reason why couples choose mediation over litigation.

4. All Necessary Information Is Shared

While you are in mediation, it is necessary that all of the details pertaining to the divorce. If the information is not shared during the mediation, then the agreement will not hold up in court if it is challenged at some future date. In addition, financial disclosures can be subpoenaed if they are not offered voluntarily. It is better for both parties if you share everything that you need to share during your mediation.

5. Use a Completely Unbiased Divorce Mediator

In order to get to an agreement that suits both parties, the mediator needs to be completely unbiased. Our job is to help the parties find a divorce agreement that is pleasing to both parties. This cannot be done without the help of an experienced, unbiased mediator that can help ease the entire divorce process.

Choosing Divorce Mediation Over Litigation

Divorce doesn’t need to drawn out or dealt with in court. When you and your ex-spouse decide that mediation is the right choice for you both, it can be much easier to find the right solution that suits you. Make sure that you find a mediator that will be able to facilitate your divorce properly and without bias.

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