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Divorce Mediation Specialist Interviewing Client

Divorce Mediation & Coping With Your Current Situation

Divorce Mediation & Finding Ways To Rediscover Your Sense of Purpose

Divorce isn?t easy, but you don?t have to let the process break you down. Looking into the face of the person you love or loved but can?t live with anymore is a difficult thing for any person to do. It?s important to remember that you don?t have to face it alone. Having a support system is essential for any person going through a life-changing event. Whether or not you realize it, if you have the right resources available to you to help you get through this difficult time, you?re going to be better off.

The following ideas will help you rediscover your sense of belonging and connection and stand on your own two feet after a divorce.

Choose Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse have been to therapy, and understand that there is no going back to the happiness that you once had, divorce mediation can help you more peacefully navigate the intricacies of your divorce. During mediation, you won?t be in a position where you will be trying to heal as you would be in couple?s therapy. Instead, you?re under the guidance of a professional who can help keep the lines of communication both open and productive. If you?re having trouble with your divorce or you aren?t sure how to approach the situation when it comes to custody of your child or children, it?s a good idea to consult a lawyer or child custody mediation specialist. A divorce mediation professional can help you keep the process calm and civilized and ensure you get to mutually-beneficial solutions.

Be Honest And Upfront With Your Kids

Children are probably the most difficult aspect of any divorce. For children, divorce can be scary, sad, stressful and confusing. While neither parent wants the stress of divorce placed on their children, if you aren?t especially mindful of their feelings, it can happen. A divorce mediation specialist will advise you to tell your children the truth about the circumstances, omitting minute details that they will not understand. It is natural for children caught in the middle of a divorce to ?shut down,? and be unable to talk to their parents about their feelings. Your patience, reassurance and company will help minimize tension as your kids learn to cope with this new and unfamiliar situation. Keep your children?s routines as best as you can. This structure and stability will help them trust you.

Introduce New Healthy Habits

Even with divorce mediation and honesty with your children, divorce takes a toll on everyone involved. This means that you may feel listless, tired, or have trouble focusing. Even if this isn?t the case, taking care of your body and your health is the best thing that you can do for yourself during this time. Try introducing new healthy habits into your routine. Running in the morning will give you energy for the rest of the day. Meditation will help you become more mindful and aware of your actions. Yoga can help you gain control over your emotions and decrease unnecessary stress. Volunteering at your church may give you a new sense of purpose. Whatever your outlet may be, devoting time to yourself is a great way to combat the stress associated with separation and divorce.

Consider Therapy If You Are Having A Difficult Time Coping

Going through a divorce affects different people in different ways. If you?re having a hard time grappling with your current circumstances, talking to a professional might be exactly what you need. If you find yourself unable to focus, excessively tired, or having suicidal thoughts, you should absolutely see a therapist. A therapist will be able to help you through this difficult time.

Divorce Mediation Services In The South Bay

If you?re looking for a divorce mediation professional to help you resolve your issues quickly and privately, turn to South Bay Mediation. Our divorce mediator and team of lawyers, child therapists, and financial planners are equipped to provide you with the tools you need to control the outcome of your divorce.