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How Divorce Mediation Removes The Sting

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

There aren?t many benefits in getting divorced, but when you have to go through the situation, there are ways to go about it that include less sting. You could go to court, of course, and have things divided up by a judge. But there are advantages to using divorce mediation. If you have to get a divorce, divorce mediation can remove some of the sting from the situation, and here?s how.

Less Cost

When you and your soon to be former spouse both get lawyers in order to proceed with a divorce in court, both parties have legal expenses to pay. There are fees regarding court time and plenty of other things to pay for along the way. When you use divorce mediation instead, both parts of the couple pay for just one mediator and that?s it. The fees are much lower and less involved. The expenses are made clear to you up-front so you won?t have as much questioning involved.

Amicable Solutions

When you use divorce mediation, there is much less fighting over certain aspects. There will likely always be some bitterness, but the channels of communication are much more open and the couple will learn to take the emotion out of the communication in order to keep things moving. This helps the divorce situation to be more amicable all the way around as each party has to compromise and reach an agreement. It can help the relationship in the future if the couple has to deal with one another regarding children or other issues.

Long-Term Solutions

When working through divorce mediation, the couple can look not only to the immediate effects of the divorce, but also to a long term solution revolving around their children or other matters. The mediators fully understand the laws when it comes to taxes, pensions, wills, property, children, and other areas. The outcome of the mediation will be legal and sustainable in every way.


Lawyers have plenty of experience with divorces, but mediators work with these cases on a highly regular basis. They may be able to come up with suggestions and solutions that will suit both parties because they have seen similar situations in the past. Lawyers will always work for what is best for their client, but mediators will try to see both sides and work on a solution that will be agreeable to both parties in the divorce.

Less Stress

There?s no way to avoid stress in a divorce, but the less stress you have during the process, the better. Mediation can be challenging and at times even stressful. However, it is a better alternative than going to court when you can never know what the outcome will be. In mediation, each person gets to agree or disagree with the options and work towards coming together on certain situations. If you lose on a certain point in court, that?s that. And that can cause a lot of stress and worry. Anything you can do to avoid more stress in a divorce, you will want to do.