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Divorce Mediation For Couples With Conflicts

Divorce Mediation: Your Guide To A Smarter Divorce

Why Divorce Mediation Is The Answer For You & Your Partner

Despite what you might think, divorce doesn?t have to be a messy war with your spouse. With the right resources and guidance from a divorce mediation expert, you and your partner can sit down, divide up the assets, divide up the liabilities, decide what?s best for your children, and shake hands and part ways.

The mediation process is designed to help divorcing couples resolve conflict and come to an agreement outside of the court. Divorce mediators are trained to address the needs of all parties involved and have experience guiding couples through cooperative problem solving. A neutral mediator will be able to help you avoid the battle and arrive at an agreement that is mutually beneficial for everyone in your family.

Keep reading to learn more about why you and your significant other should consider divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation Is Less Costly

Divorce mediation is almost always less expensive than settling your divorce in court. You will pay for efficient and well-thought-out sessions with a divorce mediator instead of the waiting time at court. Divorcing families have enough financial strain as it is. Choose to settle your divorce with a mediator and save your money for the future.

You Control The Discussion

If you decide to resolve your divorce in court, the judge has final say over the terms of your agreement. When you decide to settle with a divorce mediator, you?not the court?have final say. With divorce mediation, you can be sure that important decisions affecting you, your children, and your family are not left in the hands of strangers.

The Resolution Is Faster

Divorce mediation offers you the opportunity to settle your differences and resolve potential conflict as quickly and as privately as possible. There is extreme emotional strain that accompanies prolonged litigation in divorce cases. By resolving your issues with a mediator, you don?t have to wait months for your next court date. In most cases, it?s possible to come to a mutually agreeable conclusion in just a few sessions.

There Is More Confidentiality

With divorce mediation, all components of your divorce are privileged and confidential. Unlike settling your divorce in court, meetings are held privately at your divorce mediator?s office. Arguing your divorce in front of a judge, officers, litigants, attorneys, and court employees can be humiliating and emotionally draining. Avoid the courtroom if you can and discuss your concerns with a trained and experienced divorce mediator. This will spare your family of revealing private matters in front of a room full of strangers or in front of people in your community.

It Allows For Post-Divorce Stability

Mediation is designed to encourage divorcing parties to communicate. In contrast to the hostile nature of the traditional court system, mediation is said to help parties better understand each other?s needs and wants. If you have children, a divorce doesn?t cut all ties. You and your spouse will still need to maintain a relationship for years to come in order to co-parent. It is very important that you emerge from a divorce with the ability to communicate and a divorce mediator will make it possible. ?

Divorce Mediation In The South Bay

Are you looking for a divorce mediation expert who can help you and your family settle disputes? Eric Piety at South Bay Mediation has experience working on hundreds of successful divorce mediation cases. He will help you and your significant other communicate effectively and with respect.