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Child Custody Mediation Support For Families

Helpful Tips & Considerations for Child Custody Mediation

Putting Children First With Child Custody Mediation

You and your partner have decided to get a divorce. While your first thought might be to cut all ties and avoid communicating with each other, if you have kids, you?ll need to put your differences aside and continue to work together as a team.

Custody litigation can tear a family apart. It creates hostility between parents, children, and entire families. If you?re divorcing and you have children, your number one concern should be to alleviate emotional pain for your kids and come to an agreement that puts their needs first. A child custody mediation expert will be able to help you and your spouse put your children first.

We?ve outlined helpful tips and considerations for child custody mediation to ensure you come to an agreement that makes the most sense for your children.

Handling Unanticipated Situations

When it comes to divorce, parents need to realize that change is inevitable. Your child custody mediation specialist will help you develop a comprehensive and thoughtful plan that addresses the needs of your kids. However, unanticipated situations will occur. When developing a shared parenting plan, discuss handling change with your divorce mediator and child custody mediation expert. This conversation will help you prepare to handle situations that aren?t outlined in your shared plan.

Consistent Parenting Routines

The number one goal of child custody mediation is to find a solution that recognizes the best interests of your children. With young kids, parents should aim to keep schedules at both homes uniform. Children excel when they have consistent eating and sleeping schedules. Other important things to consider are development tasks such as potty training. By maintaining a consistent routine and not making too many changes at one time, your children will be able to find some normalcy in the unfamiliar situation.

Appropriate Conversation

During child custody mediation, it?s important to discuss and agree upon appropriate conversation with and in front of your little ones. While it?s important to be transparent, there are some topics that you will want to stay away from in front of your children. You will want to avoid talking negatively about the other parent in front of your kids. This type of behavior puts your children in the middle of your fight and it can leave your children feeling distraught. It is in your children?s best interest if you and your ex can agree on what is appropriate and what is not during child custody mediation. ?


It?s not uncommon for children to have a difficult time adjusting to divorce. Even with successful child custody mediation and divorce mediation sessions, children often feel like they are in the middle of the conflict. Sometimes, children even blame themselves for their parents divorce. Behaviors that indicate your child may benefit from professional help include failing grades, changes in personality, dissociation, depression, discontinuation of normal activities, and drug use. In order to be proactive, discuss the possible need for counseling with your child custody mediation expert. They may be able to recommend a specialist. Keep in mind that your kids may not be receptive to the idea of counseling. However, if both parents are encouraging and open to the idea, they will be more receptive.

Child Custody Mediation In The South Bay

Mediation emphasizes good communication and non-adversarial problem solving. There are several very good reasons you should consult a child custody mediation expert before taking your conflicts to court. Eric Piety, the director and primary mediator at South Bay Mediation, has experience helping divorcing parents cooperate, communicate, and come to mutually beneficial agreements that ensure a better future for their children.