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What You Should Know Before Hiring A Divorce Mediator

What To Expect From Your Divorce Mediator

Whether you have been through a divorce before or not, you are probably not very comfortable with the courtroom and lawyers. You may not know much about mediation, but if you are going through a divorce, it is in your best interest to find out. The benefits of mediation are huge and you can keep your divorce much simpler throughout the process. Here are some of the things you can expect from a mediator and the mediation process as a whole.

Experience Productivity In A Calm Manner

If you go to court, sure, you?re moving forward with the divorce process, but it may not be a calm environment, making it even more difficult. When you work with a mediator, on the other hand, you are working in a calm, productive environment together with your former spouse in order to reach an agreement you can both live with. The mediator is not there to take sides, unlike a lawyer who is definitely on one side or the other. The mediator is there to facilitate the discussion and guide both parties through the process of reaching an agreement in a calm manner.

Your Mediator Will Help You With The Financial Details

When you work with a mediator, you will have a spreadsheet of finances and other aspects that you will go through in detail. You don?t have to worry about anything getting brushed aside. The mediator will cover everything when it comes to finances. If there are children involved, the financial aspect can be even more complicated, but it will be covered in detail as well.

It?s Normal To Have Several Sessions

Don?t worry about going to the mediator and sitting with your ex for hours upon hours trying to figure it all out. You will likely have several sessions that last an hour or two. Topics will be broken up over the sessions in order to cover everything without overwhelming yourself or the situation.

Your Satisfaction Is Always Their Priority

You are also much more likely to be satisfied with the agreement when you use a mediator because you have a say in the matter. In court, you have a side and your ex has a side. The judge can take one side or the other. With mediation, you reach common ground so you can both live with the outcome. It?s not an all-or-nothing deal like it often is in court. You compromise, give and take, and reach a settlement that you can both live with long term.

Contact South Bay Mediation

If you are ready to move forward with mediation, or if you just want to learn more about the process, South Bay Mediation is here for you. We?d like to offer you a free, 30-minute consultation in order to help you figure out if mediation is right for your divorce situation. Please feel free to contact us online or via telephone and we will set up a time to meet and answer any questions you might have.