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When to Choose Divorce Mediation versus a Take Your Divorce to Court 6-15

Mediation VS In-Court Divorce: Which is Better

Should You Hire a Mediator or a Lawyer: Which is Better?

Most divorce cases occur because an individual spouse or both spouses are tired of dealing with problems that occur during their marriage. Many couples find that divorce is the best way to solve consistent marital problems, but as they go through the process, they don?t realize how damaging it can be on everyone involved. Divorces often dissolve into a stressful situation where both parties are struggling to fight for what they think they deserve. Divorce cases are usually carried out in court or through a process called divorce mediation. If you?re thinking about getting a divorce, or you?re already in the middle of one, it?s important to know about each.

Divorce Litigation

Divorce litigation can be an incredibly scary experience for anyone. The fear many people have walking into a courtroom is compounded by the rising tensions between them and their spouse. There’s no way to know what will come out of this lengthy process, and the conflict that arises during the whole affair can be devastating to everyone involved, including children, families on both sides, and friends

Financial Burden

Getting a divorce in court will have a huge impact on both sides financially. Not only will you have to pay expensive lawyers fees throughout the whole process, you?ll even lose a lot of your possessions. If you can?t come to any agreements, the burden is made even worse when you account for court mandated child and spousal support.

Effect on Family and Friends

A bad divorce will change your relationship with your spouse, friends, and family. If you are close with your spouse?s family, odds are that won?t be a relationship that continues. Your friends will be forced to choose sides and one person may be left in the dark.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce may seem like a complex undertaking that results in destroyed relationships, but there is a way to come to a meaningful and friendly outcome. Through divorce mediation, spouses can come to an amicable settlement that respects the other and one that will keep the welfare of the children involved in mind.

Save Money

Compared to the lawyer fees you can accrue during divorce litigation, consulting a divorce mediator for help will be much less of a financial burden. Everybody?s situation will be different, but hiring a lawyer and going through court can equate to fees reaching over $10,000 or more. A mediator can help you through your divorce and prepare the necessary paperwork for much less. Divorce mediation fees fall well below that price point and often breeds better results.


Through divorce mediation, your business stays private. Mediation is a confidential process where every decision is made in private. In court, everything you say to gain an advantage are public record and available for anyone to view.

Protect Your Children

A divorce can have serious affects on the wellbeing of your children. Through mediation, the couple will have the power to decide what?s in the best interests of their kids. Coming to a friendly solution will help generate a stable environment where they can feel safe and secure during an often stressful time.

Hiring A Mediator is A Better Option Than Going To Court

Mediation services will allow you and your spouse to come to a friendly and healthy outcome that will be fair to both parties involved. Solving your disputes outside of court will give you more control of your outcome and avoids the tension that develops in a courtroom. Through mediation, you?ll come to an amicable divorce settlement with more dignity, privacy, and peace of mind.