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Divorce Mediation

Things You Will Need Along With Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Is Very Smart, But There Is More To Keep In Mind

When you decide to get divorced, it?s very painful. But perhaps you and your spouse have come together in order to make the process as simple as possible by using divorce mediation. There are many advantages to handling the situation in that manner. While it can cost a lot less and be done a lot faster, divorce mediation does not forgo the need for other things. Here are some of the other items you will want during your divorce, even if you undergo mediation.

Make Sure You Get A Qualified Attorney

Attorneys may be useful to assist you in your negotiations and to make sure you understand your rights. At a minimum, it is suggested that clients have the final agreement reviewed by an attorney prior to signing.

Consider A Business Evaluator To Keep Track Of Finances

It can be hard to keep track of how much money is brought in, especially if one person or the other has a self-made business. Instead of trying to track down documents and get into he said she said arguments, business evaluators can gather the documents needed and examine them in order to establish an income. It can be hard for someone involved with the case to be subjective when it comes to the business, but business evaluators can help divorce mediation move along more smoothly.

Look Into Visiting A Family Therapist During This Time

While a divorce mediator will be compassionate about your situation and it is something they have likely seen on a regular basis, they are not qualified to counsel you or any of your family members. Anyone struggling emotionally with the separation should go to a family therapist instead. This is especially true if the divorce includes children. It is good for the family as a whole to visit a family therapist in order to learn to work together in a new way. It?ll be different than it was before, but the family can settle into its new way of life with as much ease as possible.

We Can Help You Utilize Divorce Mediation Correctly

Even though you may need more help than just a mediator in order to get through your divorce, going through mediation can still help speed the process along in a mutually beneficial manner. It is much less expensive than paying two lawyers to fight it out in court and it leads to many less hard feelings as well. Everyone involved has the potential to end up happy with the arrangements reached and the compromises made. We have years of experience and have helped people in all kinds of different situations. We are happy to set up a time with you to answer any questions you might have to try to make this challenging time in your life pass by as smoothly as possible. Contact South Bay Mediation for your divorce mediation needs. We look forward to hearing from you.