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Reasons To Try Child Custody Mediation

Why Child Custody Mediation Benefits The Whole Family

There?s nothing easy about divorce, but child custody mediation provides parents an alternative to a highly stressful and possibly confrontational situation. Through the process of mediation, parents work together to create a plan that puts the needs of their children first. The plan will honor each parent?s unique contribution to their children?s upbringing in a very respectful way. There are many other benefits of child custody mediation as well. Here are a few of them to consider if you and your spouse have decided to go through a divorce.

Mediation Is Non-Adversarial

Instead of taking two lawyers to court and going at it, and ultimately having a judge decide the outcome, child custody mediation is a collaborative process that has a common goal in mind. That goal focuses on what?s best for the children during this process that is already very confusing and stressful for them. Mediation helps you come up with a parenting plan that allows both parents to be actively involved in their child or children?s life.

Mediation Is Easier On Children

Contested divorces have a lot of conflict in them which can have a negative impact on your child during the process. Even though you no doubt have good intentions for your child, your lawyer is there to fight for you and your interests. That can create a situation where the child is caught in the middle. Mediation, on the other hand, focuses on what?s best for the child, and above all else teaches you, as parents, how to work together.

Mediators Are Neutral

When you have a lawyer, that lawyer might see only one side of the situation, and your ex might have a lawyer who only sees the opposite side. There could be little to no chance of meeting in the middle. With child custody mediation, the professional mediator will not take sides. They will simply help you discover a way to compromise and work together in order to find a solution that is beneficial towards everyone.

Mediation Focuses On The Future

No matter what happened with your spouse in the past, you both love your children and want the best for them. Instead of rehashing the past, look towards the future and keep your children in mind at all times as you work out a plan that you can both live with. A divorce is obviously a very emotional time for both partners, and having a third party there can help keep things in perspective, and help keep emotions in check.

Contact South Bay Mediation

When you are getting divorced, your children are along for the ride. Trying child custody mediation can make the process easier for them, and for you. These times are never easy for anyone, but if your children see both of their parents acting in a very mature and respectful way, they will be less confused about it. Contact the professionals at South Bay Mediation for help.