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Talking To Your Children About A Divorce

Approach A Hard Topic Before Child Custody Mediation

You may have researched how divorce affects children, but you?ll never find statistics on a good way to break the news to your children. When you and your spouse are planning to end your marriage, you will likely focus on your children and how to tell them what is happening and what is yet to come. Use these tips to help the news come to your child in a gentle manner.

Tip 1: Pay Attention To The Memory

If your child is old enough, the memory of the news that you are getting a divorce is something that could very well stick with them for the rest of their lives. They might get over the divorce eventually, but they?ll always remember that moment. Give thought to the setting and circumstance around you when you break the news. You want your child to be as prepared as possible and not caught off guard. Make sure it?s not the midst of a heated argument with your spouse or in another traumatizing moment.

Tip 2: Tell Them All At Once

It can be hard to tell one child about a divorce, much less several. But even if there is an age difference, they are all your children and they should be treated equally. They deserve to hear the news at once. No one should have to keep a secret from their sibling or be made responsible for telling them.

Tip 3: Give Them The Right To Their Feelings

Not every child will react how you think they should. In fact, some might not react at all right away. Their feelings might confuse you, but you need to recognize and validate them. They have the right to feel however they feel about the situation, good bad, or indifferent. They will need time to process the news in order to fully understand how they feel. Their initial reaction might not be the end of their feelings.

Tip 4: Explain Child Custody Mediation

Once you tell your child about the divorce, it is best to end the marriage as quickly as possible so there aren?t a lot of questions hanging in the balance. Talk to your child about child custody mediation and tell them that you and your spouse are going to talk things through and decide on items regarding the child together as a family.

Tip 5: Leave A Time For Questions

You know what you want to say about the topic, but what does your child want to know? Leave some time at the end of the discussion for them to ask questions. You may not have all of the answers yet, but giving them honest answers to what you do know can keep the lines of communication open for future discussions.

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