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Divorce Mediation

What Parties Could Get Involved In Divorce Mediation?

Regardless of the motivation and reason behind it, divorce is not an easy process for any family to go through. In some cases, the divorce needs to be expedited due to any number of mitigating circumstances, while other times it might be a much longer and, unfortunately, drawn out process. Regardless of the specifics surrounding your pending divorce, one thing that can benefit you, your partner, and any children you have is to employ the services of a professional mediator.

Who Can You Expect To Be Involved With Your Divorce Mediation?

Depending on how many assets you have, what those assets are, and what the circumstances around your divorce might be, different parties might need to get involved to help move the process along and get the right result for you and your family. Ideally, you go to a mediator to avoid high costs, but every situation is going to be different.

Legal Counsel

First and foremost, when a couple decides that they want to utilize mediation services, that means they don?t necessarily need to get a lawyer, since that will ramp up the involved costs. They still can, and should get one if needed though. Mediators take everything into account, from financial disclosure to the circumstances surrounding the divorce, but don?t evaluate the rightness or wrongness of either party. Their job is to remain objectively neutral and move the couple towards an amicable resolution. While they can?t suggest what?s ?best? due to the neutrality, the respective attorneys can. This is why someone might want to get a lawyer involved to provide this guidance to their clients, and help point out what?s worth moving forward with and what?s worth taking a stand on. The mediator will work alongside these parties to simply find the right solution.

Business Evaluator

If one or both parties involved in a divorce own or co-own a business, it may require the services of someone who can make a proper valuation of all assets involved with just that business. In any business, there are a lot of ongoing financial situations, and the actual value of said business can have a massive impact on any divorce settlement. It?s recommended that this be done early in the divorce process, since it can be can be expensive and time consuming. OF course, many couples are able to settle on ?agreed values? of business assets without professional appraisal.

Co-Parenting Therapist

Taking care of children should always be one of the top priorities for couples getting a divorce. Younger children in particular might have a difficult time understanding why this is happening, and also coping with it after the fact. While it?s not always necessary, you can reach out to your ?mediator about recommending a therapist that you and your partner can see on a regular basis to help you understand what?s involved in raising a child of divorce. You might not necessarily know how to answer certain questions (or be prepared for certain questions) that your child will ask, along with dealing with particular situations. These therapists will work with you to ensure that you and your partner can co-parent effectively to provide a great life for your children even after divorce.

Work Closely With Your Mediator To Find The Best Result

Regardless of the base reasoning, no divorce is going to be easy. By working closely with a divorce mediation specialist, you?re going to put yourself in a better position to mitigate any long term damage to your family. The idea is to help keep costs down, emotionally and financially, and even though other parties might become involved, your mediator will try to find the most cost-effective results for everyone.