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Couple Meeting With Mediator for Difficult Divorce

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Divorce Mediator

Divorce is Hard, Even When Necessary: How a Mediator Can Help

Mediation is an excellent, cost effective way to get through the process of divorce or legal separation from your spouse. Remember that all couples are different, and different couples will have different needs. That being said, here are few different examples of why divorce mediation is a viable option.

You Can Avoid Litigation Costs and Public Record

Practicality is one of the biggest reasons why people employ the services of a divorce mediator. Attorney fees can rack up quickly for couples who choose to fight in court, so anything they can do and avoid litigation will only benefit the two of them. Lawyers do not have the ability to change the law, only to argue for your viewpoint, and a judge?s ruling is final. Judges have little room for flexibility in dividing assets and setting support, and this can create a lopsided result for some couples, with sometimes unintended consequences. On the other hand, you and your spouse may enter into any financial arrangement that works best for you and meets both spouses? needs.

Statistically speaking, approximately 90% or more of all divorces end in a settlement prior to a judge?s decision. Sometimes, people will realize that a stint in court is already taking too long and costing too much, so they may opt to visit a divorce mediator instead of continuing down the courtroom path. Also, something that a couple might not realize ahead of time is that anything done in court is going to be public record. Couples who want to maintain some level of discretion with their lives will likely want to use a mediator just for this reason. Privacy is important to a lot of couples, especially when it comes to any reasons for divorce. A mediator is the perfect outlet in this regard.

Your Children Should Come First

Another reason why some couples opt to avoid any sort of court based decision is that it?s the children, not the parents, who end up suffering the most. While the divorce certainly isn?t easiest for anyone involved, there is no reason to put children, especially young ones, through a tedious legal battle. Also, as with any financial rulings, the court maintains jurisdiction. Child custody and support decisions are modifiable, but only in shifts of circumstance. Ultimately the situation your family ends up in might not be ideal due to a court ruling. Just because you have the right to go to court in this instance, doesn’t mean you need to.

Mediators Will Help You Stay Objective

Mediation is different in this regard because the ultimate goal is to settle a disagreement (otherwise you wouldn?t need the help of a professional mediator). They can remain objective in trying to successfully split assets between the couple, and the attending lawyers can act as literal counsel throughout the process. You also want to make sure you find a mediator who can provide legal document assistance in line with their negotiating services. Keeping everything under one room will make the entire experience easier for everyone involved.