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What You Should Look For In A Mediator

Divorce Mediation Needs

When you are going through a divorce, there are a lot of issues to deal with and sift through. If you decide to use a mediator in the process, you are making a wise decision. Mediation has a way of taking a lot of the contention out of the settlement process. Even if you know you want to go the mediation route, you may not know what you should look for in a mediator. Here are some things you should consider when looking for a mediator to help with your divorce.

A Neutral Party

A mediator is someone who will be in the middle of the situation and must remain ?neutral. Their job is to not side with either party at any time but rather facilitate a discussion between the two parties in order to reach a fair agreement. If you feel the mediator is leaning in one direction or another, it is not a good sign for the process.


You will want a mediator who treats both sides with a compassionate amount of respect because going through a divorce can be tough. The mediator should not be talking down to either of you at any time. Both parties deserve the respect and compassion from the right mediator.


Upfront Information

You will also want a mediator who is upfront about the entire process. A full, comprehensive divorce takes between 3 and 8 sessions with a mediator. But that will depend on the complexity, number of issues, and level of conflict of your situation.

In order to get an upfront answer from the mediator on cost and time constraints, you will need to be frank with your situation. The more ready you are, the more upfront they can be. They should be direct in all of their dealings with you.


Some mediators simply deal with divorce and property situations, while others also do child custody mediation. If you need a mediator that specializes in child custody, you will want to ensure that the one you choose has that area of expertise as well.

Find What You Need In South Bay Mediation

Different mediators offer different skills, but you can find just what you need and want in a fair mediator with South Bay Mediation. We have effective, affordable mediation options to get everything resolved in an agreeable divorce settlement. Unlike going to court with two separate lawyers, you control the outcome and get to communicate toward an agreement that both sides can live with long-term. Take the ?fight? out of the divorce and save money by getting a mediator to create a plan that you and your former spouse can both live with after the papers are signed.