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Family Law Mediators

South Bay Mediation?s Family Law Mediators

Are you going through a divorce? Do you and your spouse have children? While you and your spouse may despise each other right now, it?s important to understand that your children?s needs are so important right now. Our family law mediators will help you and your spouse look past your differences in order to figure out what?s best for your children?now and in the future. Both of you want to see your children succeed, and through family mediation services, you?ll be able to increase your chances of success.


couple meeting with divorce mediator seeking divorce helpAdvantages of using Family Law Mediators

Family law mediators give you the opportunity to keep your children?s fates and your family disputes within the family. Through family mediation services, you?ll have access to a safe, confidential environment for open discussions about your family?s needs. The family mediation process can also save you money, time, stress, and trauma?when opposed to resolving your family disputes through litigation.

eric piety divorce mediatorEric Piety, MA: Family Mediator

As a trained and experienced family law mediator, Eric?s goal is to help you limit the damage to your entire family (especially your children) during a divorce. We?ll work with you and your spouse?individually and together as needed?to help you communicate your unique needs and concerns to each other. By using family law mediators, you?ll be able to help create a better future for your children by putting aside your conflicts.