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Family Law Questions

An Overview of Family Law Mediation

Family law mediation is a specialized form of alternative dispute resolution. Through family law mediation, you and your family can resolve your disputes without ever having to enter a courtroom. Typically, family law questions bring a variety of concerns to the table during mediation. However, we focus exclusively on divorce and child custody mediation at South Bay Mediation. Our goal is to help you put your family and children first during a divorce, while working toward an agreeable resolution.


couple meeting with divorce mediator seeking divorce helpAdvantages of Using Mediation to Answer Family Law Questions

If you and your spouse are divorcing and the two of you have children, asking family law questions will be beneficial in coming to a separation agreement because they will be affected by every decision you make. Because of this, it?s important to keep their needs in mind during the entire divorce process. Through family law mediation, you can resolve your dispute on your own terms, while putting your children first and saving your entire family from unnecessary trauma and stress.

eric piety divorce mediatorAbout Eric Piety, MA: Family Mediator

As an experienced family mediator, Eric can help you limit the effects of a divorce on your family, even though your family dynamic is changing. We?ll help you and your spouse work together toward a common goal, in spite of your differences. Our job is to provide a comfortable environment to help you communicate your specific needs and concerns and work toward a resolution.