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Family Mediation Process

What is the Family Mediation Process?

The family mediation process is a specialized type of alternative dispute resolution, centered around families and their specific needs during a dispute. Family mediation may encompass a variety of disputes, but at South Bay Mediation, our focus is on two aspects of family disputes. We focus on divorce mediation and child custody mediation services, to help families work through their differences in a safe and confidential environment.


couple meeting with divorce mediator seeking divorce helpAdvantages of the Family Mediation Process

Family mediation offers you and your spouse the opportunity to keep your family decisions within the family. Rather than letting a judge decide your children?s fates during a divorce, you and your spouse will be given the opportunity to decide what?s best for them on your own. The family mediation process provides an outlet for you to express your concerns, while putting your children?s needs above your own.

eric piety divorce mediatorAbout Eric Piety, MA: Family Mediator

As a family mediator and the founder of South Bay Mediation, Eric works with families to help minimize the stress and trauma to everyone during a divorce. Through family mediation, we can help you hold productive discussions regarding your family?s future. We?ll work with you and your spouse to voice your individual concerns and needs in a controlled, private environment?in order to do what?s best for your children and family. ?