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Getting a Divorce

Mediation is the Ideal Method for Getting a Divorce

Mediation is on its way to becoming one of the most popular ways to resolve a divorce dispute. Through the voluntary divorce mediation process, you and your spouse can have more success when getting a divorce. Whether you?re in the middle of a divorce or you?ve just decided to separate, you can enter into mediation at any time. This alternative to litigation is a completely confidential process, allowing you to reach an amicable divorce agreement in private.


couple meeting with divorce mediator seeking divorce helpRetain Control Through Divorce Mediation

One of the biggest advantages of divorce mediation is that you never relinquish control to a judge or attorney at any point. You and your spouse have complete control throughout the entire divorce mediation process, allowing you to settle your disputes on your own terms. During mediation, you?ll both work with a mediator, who is trained to guide you through getting a divorce with communication and cooperation.

eric piety divorce mediatorOther Advantages of Divorce Mediation

In addition to letting you divorce on your own terms, divorce mediation is an effective alternative to litigation for a number of reasons. First, mediation is much more time efficient, as some couples are able to resolve their disputes in just a couple of sessions?rather than dragging out the divorce for months or years. Additionally, divorce mediation can be a fraction of the cost of litigation. And because the goal is to reach an amicable divorce, no one ?wins? or ?loses? with mediation.