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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Divorce Mediation Services in Los Angeles

South Bay Mediation offers expert divorce mediation services to help couples in the Los Angeles area dissolve their marriages without further stress and trauma. Whether you’ve just decided to file for divorce or you’re already stuck in the middle of of a battle, we can help you find a resolution. Through divorce mediation, you’ll have the chance to resolve your disputes in a confidential, voluntary, and non-binding way.

Get a Divorce Through Mediation in Los Angeles

In recent years, mediation has become a more popular way for Los Angeles residents to resolve their divorce disputes. This is because mediation is often a quicker, less stressful, and less expensive process than getting a divorce through litigation. For couples with children, mediation is typically a better alternative, as you and your spouse retain control over all decisions during the process.

older couple meeting with divorce mediator
eric piety divorce mediator

Eric Piety, MA: Los Angeles’s Top Divorce Mediator

Drawing from his background in therapy and divorce law, Eric takes an experienced approach to divorce mediation services. Throughout his years in the field, he has become one of the top divorce mediators in the Los Angeles area. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine whether divorce mediation is the right choice for your situation.