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Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach

Divorce Mediation Services in Manhattan Beach

Are you in the Manhattan Beach area and interested in divorce mediation services? Led by divorce mediator, Eric Piety, MA, South Bay Mediation can help you and your spouse avoid a long courtroom battle. Through divorce mediation, you’ll have access to a safe, private environment to resolve your disputes without destroying yourselves and each other.

Get a Divorce Through Mediation in Manhattan Beach

Mediation is an ideal method of alternative dispute resolution for couples in the Manhattan Beach area who want to retain control of their futures. During the mediation process, you and your spouse will work with a mediator—an unbiased party who facilitates discussions. Any decisions will be left completely in your hands. This feature makes mediation an appealing choice for couples with children, as you and your spouse get to decide what’s best for them.

older couple meeting with divorce mediator
eric piety divorce mediator

Eric Piety, MA: Manhattan Beach’s Top Divorce Mediator

As an experienced therapist with a background in divorce law, Eric takes a well-rounded approach to divorce and child custody mediation. His abilities to listen to each point of view and facilitate productive discussions among feuding parties have helped him become one of the top mediators in Manhattan Beach.