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Veteran Family Program

South Bay Mediation?s Veteran Family Program

The Veteran Family Program is designed to ease the stress of divorce for veterans and their families in the Los Angeles area. If you are a veteran or current active military member (or the spouse of one), you can receive one hour of divorce mediation at no charge. Because mediation reduces the stress and expenses of divorce for all involved, this service to military personnel is South Bay Mediation?s way of giving back to those who have served.

The Motivation Behind the Veteran Family Program

Military families, like all others, face the difficulties of maintaining a marriage in our modern world and in the midst of a suffering economy and high unemployment. In addition, military families must cope with the daunting stresses that deployment and long periods of separation have on a marriage. As proud as we are of our military families and the resilience they demonstrate, marital dissolution is a reality that cannot always be avoided. We wish to share our expert skills, through South Bay Mediation, in order to ease the burden for those who have decided divorce is their only option.

Divorce Mediation with No Obligation

Anyone who has served or is now serving in the armed forces will receive one hour of divorce mediation at no cost. If there are still unresolved issues to be settled after one hour has been completed, you may choose to continue mediation or complete their divorce without the need for further assistance from South Bay Mediation. There is no obligation, and absolutely no fees will ever be charged unless you choose to do so after free services are completed.