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Mediation Services

Comprehensive Legal Mediation Services

Legal mediation services are a voluntary, confidential form of conflict resolution involving two or more parties and a neutral party, known as a mediator. Through comprehensive legal mediation services, you retain control over the entire process and the final outcome. The goal of legal mediation services is to work together to reach an agreeable resolution that everyone involved can live with.


divorce mediation iconDivorce Mediation

Reduce your financial and emotional stress and stay out of court with divorce mediation. We’ll help you resolve your disputes as quickly and privately as possible.

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divorce mediation iconChild Custody Mediation

Children often suffer the worst when their parents separate. Child custody mediation ensures that your children’s needs are put first to minimize trauma.

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couple meeting with divorce mediator seeking divorce helpBenefits of Legal Mediation Services

More than ever, couples are turning to legal mediation services rather than divorcing through litigation. When compared to litigation, the benefits of legal mediation services are noteworthy. Because litigation can be drawn out for months or years, it can be time consuming, stressful, and financially hard for all involved. Legal mediation services offer a more private and quicker alternative.

eric piety divorce mediatorChild Custody and Legal Mediation Services

We believe that a divorce without destruction can be achieved through legal mediation services. At South Bay Mediation, we specialize in divorce mediation and child custody mediation services. Through these legal mediation services, we can help you achieve an out of court divorce and minimize the trauma and stress to your entire family, while working toward an agreeable resolution. Our goal is to help you reduce the damage of a divorce so that you all can get on with your separate lives.