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Child Custody Mediation Services

Put Your Children First with Child Custody Mediation Services

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce and you have children, they should be your number one priority during this stressful time. We provide child custody mediation services to help you put aside your differences and work together as a team while you figure out what is best for your children. It can help to think of your spouse as a business partner during this time. Both of you want to see the ?business? (your children) succeed, and through child custody mediation services, you can up your chances of success.

Benefits of Child Custody Mediation Services

During a divorce dispute, you could let attorneys and a judge decide on your children?s fates, or you can take matters into your own hands. Through child custody mediation services, you and your spouse can keep family matters within the family. As a child custody and divorce mediator, Eric Piety can help the two of you communicate your concerns and focus on your family?s specific needs and challenges. When you?re working toward a common goal and putting your children first, you?ll be more likely to reach an agreeable settlement. As a child custody mediator, Eric Piety will help you come to an agreement that is truly best for your children and your family?though the dynamic may be changing.

Eric Piety, MA: Child Custody Mediator

As the founder of South Bay Mediation and a trained child custody mediator, Eric specializes in helping limit the amount of damage to a family during a divorce. By providing you with a safe, private environment and facilitating discussions, we can help each of you communicate your needs and concerns to each other. Through child custody mediation services, our goal is to help you put aside your differences to create a better future for your children.