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Family Law Mediation

What is Family Law Mediation?

Family law mediation is a type of mediation designed to help members of a family resolve their disputes without having to go to court. While family law mediation can be a relatively broad subject, we focus exclusively on divorce mediation and child custody mediation. Our goal is to help you minimize the stress and trauma to your family?especially your children?during a divorce. We?ll help you and your spouse work through your issues to do what?s best for your family.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation

If you are a parent and are getting a divorce, it?s vital to put your children first?as they are affected by all the decisions you make. You and your spouse could choose to settle your child custody disputes through litigation (the court process) or through family law mediation. With family law mediation, you can save your family a whole lot of stress and trauma, in addition to saving time and money. Through family law mediation, you?ll be able to communicate your concerns and remain focused on your family?s specific needs.

Eric Piety, MA: Family Mediator

As the founder of South Bay Mediation and an experienced family mediator, Eric can help you limit the damage to your family?even though your dynamic is changing. Every decision that you make during this stressful time will impact your children, right now and in the future. In spite of your differences, you and your spouse should work together to do what?s best for your children. As a family mediator, Eric can help facilitate discussions and help you put your issues aside for your family.