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Divorce Through Mediation

?A Better Divorce? Through Mediation

A divorce can a huge financial and emotional toll on you and all involved. Divorce through mediation can help minimize the damage to you and all involved throughout the entire process. If you and your spouse want to resolve your dispute in a quick, less-stressful way, a divorce through mediation may be ideal for you. During the mediation process, you?ll work with a mediator to reach an agreeable resolution.

The Advantages of Divorce Through Mediation

A traditional divorce through the court can be time consuming, emotionally draining, and financially draining. Because of this, many people are now choosing to divorce through mediation instead. Divorce through mediation can be less time consuming, less stressful, and less expensive than divorce through litigation. By choosing to get a divorce through mediation, you and your spouse retain control throughout the entire process. No one ?wins? or ?loses? with a divorce through mediation.

Eric Piety, MA: Divorce Mediator

As South Bay Mediation?s divorce mediator and founder, Eric specializes in both divorce mediation and child custody mediation services. Our goal is to help you reach an agreeable divorce settlement without causing further stress and damage to yourselves and your family. By creating a comfortable environment and facilitating discussions, we?ll work with you to clearly define your disputes, communicate your priorities and concerns, and support you and your spouse. A divorce through mediation can help you reduce your emotional and financial stress throughout the entire process so you can start healing and move on with your lives.