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Mediation for Divorce

In Need of Mediation for Divorce?

Whether you?re in the middle of a complicated divorce battle or you?ve just decided to divorce your spouse, you will benefit from mediation for divorce. Mediation for divorce is a form of alternative dispute resolution. The entire mediation process is completely voluntary, confidential, and non-binding. By choosing mediation for divorce, you can resolve your disputes without ever having to set foot in a courtroom. As a divorce mediator, Eric Piety serves as a neutral third party, facilitating communication throughout the process, to reduce the financial and emotional stresses of divorce.

Benefits of Mediation for Divorce

A divorce through the court process (litigation) can be financially and emotionally draining and very time consuming. This is leading many people to choose mediation for divorce instead. Through mediation, you can resolve your disputes in less time, while saving money and emotional stress. One of the most appealing benefits of mediation for divorce is that you and your spouse retain control of the entire process. Rather than attorneys and judges making decisions on your behalf, you and your spouse can reach a settlement on your own terms.

The Divorce Mediation Process

Whether you?re just considering a divorce or already in the middle of a dispute, we?ll walk you through the process during a free consultation. Our goal is to help you reach an agreeable divorce settlement without causing any more destruction to yourselves and your family. Throughout the divorce mediation process, our role is to facilitate communication so that each of you can express your concerns and needs. The goal of the divorce mediation process is to help you reach a fair, acceptable agreement.