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What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a neutral third party who works with two or more people caught up in a dispute to help them reach an agreeable resolution. A mediator is professionally trained and experienced in the techniques of dispute resolution. During the mediation process, the mediator does not take sides or decide who is right or wrong about an issue. A mediator?s main goal is to help you create your own resolution without adding fuel to the flame.

How Can a Mediator Help You?

A mediator can help you reach an agreeable divorce settlement without ever having to set foot in a courtroom. The mediator?s role is to create a safe, comfortable environment to help you and your spouse communicate your needs and concerns. The mediator can help you clearly define your dispute, identify and communicate your priorities, and support you and your spouse as you work toward an agreement. Your mediator won?t suggest solutions, make any decisions for you, or impose any judgment.

Eric Piety, MA: Divorce Mediator

As the founder of and mediator at South Bay Mediation, Eric specializes in divorce mediation and child custody mediation services. Our goal is to help you reach a divorce settlement without causing further damage and stress to yourselves and your family. We firmly believe that a divorce without destruction is entirely possible through mediation. We can help you reduce your financial and emotional stress throughout the entire process so you can both move on with your separate lives in peace.