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Palos Verdes Estates

Palos Verdes Estates

Divorce Mediation Services in Palos Verdes Estates

For more than 15 years, South Bay Mediation, led by Eric Piety, MA, has been helping couples in the Palos Verdes Estates area dissolve their marriages in the least traumatic and most efficient way. Through divorce mediation, you and your spouse will be able to resolve your issues in a voluntary, private, and efficient way.

Get a Divorce Through Mediation in Palos Verdes Estates

Many residents in the Palos Verdes Estates area are turning to mediation in order to resolve their divorce disputes without entering a courtroom. Rather than leaving both of your fates in the hands of a judge or arbitrator, mediation lets you retain all control. From dividing assets to developing a child custody agreement, you and your spouse will be in control of all decisions.

older couple meeting with divorce mediator
eric piety divorce mediator

Eric Piety, MA: Palos Verdes Estates’ Top Divorce Mediator

Eric uses his background in therapy and divorce law to the field of mediation, specializing in divorce and child custody mediation services. Our ultimate goal is to help you and your spouse work with each other to reach an amicable divorce settlement, while limiting the damage and stress to yourselves and each other throughout the process.